About Me

Born in New Zealand, I grew up in Auckland dreaming of traveling the world. I started my journey with books, then food and photography. Cooking up a storm in our little kitchen I transported myself to faraway lands with the exotic spices and unusual ingredients. Taking photos of my life in New Zealand I then went on  to express my own unique take on life through my lens in the various countries I visited.

Passionate about food, travel and health, I first opened up my own delicatessen/health food shop where I sourced the then hard to get ingredients to sell to like-minded people.

I went on to cooking in the kitchens of high profile fusion restaurants in New Zealand and London and travelling the world and capturing glimpses of time through my photography, before moving into business management and international marketing.

Back in New Zealand, in 2009 I joined a newly formed business assisting other SMEs wanting a market entry into India. This led me to move to India to form a complementary company there and three years later move back to London to continue our business of connecting East and West.

With successful business interests in NZ, UK and India, and extensive expertise and knowledge in emerging markets and marketing, I gained my reputation as a successful senior manager in the high end hospitality sector, international events and marketing consultancy space in the UK, India and New Zealand.

Whilst my passion with cooking and food has remained I now focus on the B2B space in India, UK and Europe. My London and Mumbai based company Speaking Minds is an international marketing company that specialises in providing corporate speakers as well as innovative collaboration between the East and West, in the areas of talent  and brand development and marketing, international events – including on-site/offsite training, South Asian marketing communication needs in the social sector and content development.

Speaking Minds has one of the most in-depth range of motivational and inspirational speakers, keynote speakers, thought leaders, business and corporate speakers, celebrity speakers, sports and adventure speakers, anchors, hosts, story tellers, brand gurus, industry experts, performers and corporate trainers from within India and internationally. Our corporate speakers are available for client and employee engagements, conferences, summits, panel discussions as well as endorsements, public appearances, consulting, media tours and brand activation.

Contact us for developing marketing strategies, campaign management, media and PR strategy and implementation. We develop B2B business events for clients, developing brand communication across various geographies, managing new business. Our ability to forge alliances and collaborative business relationships in new and emerging markets and with our experience and expertise in the South Asian market, we appeal to companies looking at South Asia as a market for all the above needs, and for South Asian companies looking at Global marketing services.

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