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Life Seems Full of New “Day One’s”

As my life has gone on, it seems I have more and more ‘day ones’! Starting a new job, a new house, a new country, a new diet, a new exercise regime.

I have moved countries five times, this doesn’t include the various cities within those countries. If I really apply myself I can probably count the number of houses and jobs I have had, but I surely cannot remember how many times I have started exercising or eating healthily again. I say eating healthily, as I gave up on diet’s years ago, I am no longer sucked in by fad’s and promises of slim shapely bodies in record time with little effort bar the ££$$ I need to spend to get there.
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Running, Running, Running

I miss running, I miss the adrenaline, the freedom of the outdoors, the power I feel in my body, but if I am honest, most of all I miss how light and lean I look and feel when I am fully committed to running regularly.

Running is not that easy to get back into each time I stop.

It’s actually easy enough to get changed, put on my shoes and get out the door. Its actually easy enough to put an hour or so aside. But somewhere between the thought and the actions my head usually gets in the way. That’s the hard bit. Even the muscle soreness after the first couple of runs  is not so bad if I don’t overdo it, so what stops me? Continue reading Running, Running, Running